Welcome to the Internet's Basement, traveler! If you love rust with all your being, you have found your second home! Whether you are a seasoned PvP god, nOOb seeking to learn, or just someone looking to hang around and run through the shenanigans... All are welcome in our house of Helk! ( But we sacrifice the toxic ones to him... )

RZ East Coast Team








To the left is the active list of RZ East Coast admins. Please feel free to contact any of us on discord if you have any questions or need help with any game related issues. for more information about what we can and cannot help you with see the info section

Player Count History:

Address: rust1.rzeastcoast.com:28015

Wipes and Updates

  • RZ East Coast is map wiped on the first and third Thursdays of each month (bi-weekly).
  • BP Wipes are performed on the first Thursday of each month.
  • Wipes are performed on a Thursday after the FacePunch update is released (usually between 3-6PM EST).
  • Periodic updates are released by FacePunch, are applied as soon as the client is released, and usually require a server restart with 10-15 minute downtime.

  • Membership Requirements

    Bronze, Silver and Gold level memberships are given based on general participation in our community and playtime on the server. We will not promote players that we do not find fitting for said roles.
    Role requirements are:

    All promotions are given before each wipe, and are permanent as long as the member stays in our discord.

    Server Rules

    Our rules provide general guidelines for players - While we understand that Rust is a very rough game and part of the experience is the interactions between players, we also promote fair and respectful gaming as individuals. Players that violate our rules are kindly asked to stop before more administrative actions are taken (such as kicks/bans etc)...

    NO racism, sexism, homophobia

    We support respectful playing. We allow and enjoy in-game banter but racism, sexism and homophobia are absolutely out of the question, in any form possible. That includes text chat, voice chat, paintings and signs or any other expressive in-game manner that may convey the above. Disregarding this rule WILL eventually get you banned.

    PVP is allowed, Raiding is allowed

    While we welcome our NOOB community and will help them learn the game, we support PVP in-game and what comes with it. That means that killing nakeds or door/roof camping are both definitely allowed. Although they are not the nicest game tactics, they are still valid ones.

    NOOBs Welcome

    "NOOBs Welcome" DOES NOT mean RZ is a NOOB only server where more skilled players are banned from playing. It means that while everyone is welcome to come and play, the admins WILL help new players with information and advice on how to better themselves in the game (and might even break a wall or two for a new player if we made the judgment that it will not impact the game/wipe).

    Griefing and Base Takeovers

    as with PVP, we consider these to be valid game tactics. That said, we also recognize that they can be used as a douchy way to try and destroy enjoyment for other players with no valid in-game reason. For example, there is a difference between griefing a base that is too close to your home and randomly griefing bases all over the map.


    Doxxing or threats to reveal private information will not be tolerated and players that engage in doxxing of other players in-game or in discord will be removed.


    DDOS or threats of ddosing the server or other players will not be tolerated. Players who threaten to DDOS the server or other players will be removed.

    Game/VAC Bans

    We support cheat free gaming - which means if you got VAC banned in any game in the past 400 days for whatever reason, or if you have more than one game ban on profile - you cannot play with that account on our server. Players that are willing to get a new (clean) account and re-purchase the game are welcome to play.


    We do not tolerate cheating and ban/remove cheaters as soon as they are found to be cheating. That said - we also recognize that cheating and very good pvp skills are sometimes VERY hard to differentiate and so our official cheat policy is as follows:

    Admin Abuse

    Admin abuse is a serious matter. We do not support unfair gaming and we do not help players gain an in-game advantage, but we DO like to have fun with our players, which is what makes RZ the community that it is. we feel that its important that we state upfront what we consider to be abusive or not so that players can decide for themselves, whether they agree with our attitude and policy or not.

    Players that complain about admin abuse are referred to this section. They have the option to take further action if they wish and report the server, but will not be allowed to continually disrupt other players' game experience by causing noise and spam around admin abuse in-game.

    In addition, players that think we can better ourselves as an admin team and have constructive criticism are encouraged to join our discord and discuss with us what they think we can do to better promote fair gaming. We are always open to criticism and will never turn away a player, but will not address players that troll and blame.

    What do we consider to be Admin Abuse:

    What we do NOT consider to be Admin Abuse:

    Players that do not agree with our assessment/actions on admin abuse are encouraged to go on to other servers. There are many rust servers out there that might better suit their views on the game and how it should be handled.

    In addition, players who strongly disagree with our views and think the admin team of RZ East Coast should be reported are encouraged to go to the Facepunch Helpdesk and provide their feedback there - the developers read submitted tickets daily and will reach out to us if they have any questions.

    Players that have access to the Rust Server Owner Discord can also submit a report in #server-police channel.

    Contact Us

    Do you need help?

    For any requests, issues or suggestions please feel free to contact us via Discord


    RZ East Coast Admin Team